Karissima Speaker from Cabasse – a evolution turned into the revolution

Although this isn’t as pricey as the La Sphère, Cabasse has unveiled the latest Karissima Speaker, an improved version of the Kara speakers of Artis series. The Karissima utilizes Cabasse’s TriCentric technology for pinpoint imaging, smooth off-axis dispersion, and seamless frequency response. You can pick from three elegant finishes that include a traditional wild cherry natural wood veneer finish, a warm Santos finish made of wild cherry veneer, and a dark trendy Wenge finish. The captivating Karissima weighs in at 154 pounds and boasts power handling of 1260 watts. I’m sure at least one of them will complement your décor.

At the heart of the design is the company’s new TC23 three-way Spatially Coherent System (SCS) driver specially designed for Karissima. This third-generation drive unit incorporates a new tweeter that features an exclusive polyether diaphragm, with HF response linear up to 25kHz. Its dimensions are 55.1″H x 27.6″W x 27.6″D. Ideal for music enthusiasts seeking higher-end and having deeper pockets, this speaker comes with a price tag of $24,400 each. Naturally, you cannot do with one……so you will have to shell out double for a set of two!

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