LG 102 inch Plasma at Harrods UK

Matching Samsung inch-for-inch, LG is now showing a 102-inch plasma display, in the main window at Harrods Knightsbridge, London until 29th May. LG Electronics has secured the industry’s largest full lineup of full HD plasma TVs with sizes of 102, 76, 71, and 60 inches. At the time of its production, the massive 102-inch screen was the world’s biggest TV and took 8 strapping men to maneuver it into the store window. HD resolution is 2.07-million pixel i.e. 1920 x 1080 (double the existing level of HD -1 million-pixel); with a contrast ratio of 5000:1. This full HD plasma TV employs super-speed driving technology and innovative materials, which are essential to full HD plasmas. In developing this high-efficiency 102-inch plasma TV, LG Electronics employs high-speed signal treatment technology and its proprietary technology of picture treatment algorithms.

No announcements have been made about actually making this a production model. Also on display in the other windows will be LG’s recently launched chocolate phone, an eco-friendly steam washing machine, and LG’s 42PX5 42 incher, thus emphasizing convergence display products equipped with various combination functions.
But LG must have been more surprised to see Panasonic upstage their claim with the “World’s Largest Full HD Plasma – 103” inches and rumor has it that Panasonic will actually commercialize the display for a few affluent customers.

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