Limited to just 100 pieces this Red Leica M Typ 262 camera can be yours for $7,800

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and we can’t agree more. But there are some things that are universally considered as pretty, like the Leica M (Typ 262) camera; there can’t be a better example, in my opinion, of ‘beauty in simplicity.’ And now, Leica has released a limited edition M Typ 262 in an eye-catching red anodized finish, which looks even better than the standard model in black. The special edition camera was unveiled earlier this month at an event in Wetzlar. The new-look of the camera has been designed to match the special edition Leica Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 ASPH lens which came with the same red anodized finish and was released in 2016.

The special edition M Typ 262 camera is identical to the standard version in terms of the technical specifications. It’s a rangefinder-style full frame mirrorless camera with a 24-megapixel censor. Only 100 examples will be made for sale across the world, each with a unique serial number. If you want one for yourself, you’ll have to shell out $7,800 for it.

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