Limited edition Alienware Superman Edition Desktops and Laptops

Superman fever is rising and it’s rising the gizmo way. Superman is returning big time with his movie Superman Returns. He is getting along with him a cool set of desktops and laptops. Alienware is releasing a Superman-themed laptop and desktop in limited edition. Both of the machines will include a Superman desktop theme and certificate of authenticity. The desktop will also include an exclusive mouse pad. These are in limited edition with only 350 of the laptops available and 250 of the desktops available. The Area-51 Superman Edition Desktop is powered by a dual-core Pentium D processor. It is fully customizable with prices beginning at $1,899 and it’s expected to ship July 3. This fully customizable Area-51 notebook is powered by an Intel Core Duo processor. It features the Superman logo on the lid of the “Superman-blue” laptop.

Prices for this beast begin at $2,539 and it is expected to ship on July 10. if you are a true aficionado then I’m sure you can’t wait to set your hands on this one despite the killing price.

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