Maltron Keyboard – ergonomics merged with luxury.

The extraordinarily shaped Maltron Keyboard is for everyone, but it could be quite helpful for those who desperately need to reduce the hand and wrist movements involved with typing. With a conventional keyboard, you have to conform to the keyboard, instead of the keyboard conforming to your fingers. This contortion of your fingers is one of the main reasons people end up with repetitive stress injuries (RSI). With the Maltron keyboard, the keyboard conforms to your fingers for increased comfort and even improved typing speed.

With the Maltron Keyboard, your thumbs get more use than a conventional keyboard in which only 8 of the 10 fingers get used. Additionally, with the keys being placed in a position more suitable to fit your fingers, you will be able to type faster. The heart of the Maltron keyboard is the key switch. The Cherry MX switches are considered the best keyboard switches in the industry. The changes in computer keyboard design invented by Lilian Malt incorporate two things: a curved surface for the keyboard, aimed at reducing finger travel by 90% and a Maltron keyboard layout, which Malt designed based upon her analysis of the neuromuscular system. Avail yourself of a Maltron keyboard for $490 and enjoy the benefits.

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