Mamiya 1954 is a pistol camera for $25,000

Hands up! Say cheese………..and shoot! Confused? The person who is posing to be clicked will also seem to fall dead when you click from this Mamiya1954 – a pistol camera. Created in 1954 by Mamiya of Japan, only 250 were made for police training purposes, and were never offered to the public. They shoot half-size onto 35mm film and had fixed-focus 45mm lenses. So it isn’t for those who seek digis and hi-tech cameras of course. Although one of them was bid for $16,500 at Christie’s in 1993, this one is up on eBay for $25,000.

If you’ve got that much cash lying spare then hurry up as bidding ends in 2 days’ time on 23rd Jan. So next time when someone says “Shoot” you an optimistic and think that it’s this kind of gadget that can be aimed at you!