Marantz CD5003 compact disc player arrives this month

Marantz is introducing an entry-level CD player with the CD5003. Featured in the system is Marantz’s new M1 reference-standard chassis, which is a rigid, reinforced base, along with glass-fiber resin side panels and a three-piece construction front panel comprising thick aluminum and reinforced glass-fiber resin. The need for such a strong structure is to eliminate the vibrations that can interfere with the sensitive audio signal. The player also features feedback HDAM SA-2 modules, which replace the single chip, ‘off-the-shelf’ Op-Amps, operating as a buffer amplifier, and as a Low Pass Filter.

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The CD5003 also includes a CS4392 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter from Cirrus Logic, mirror image architecture, and shorter signal path circuit boards to minimize signal degradation, a CD transport mechanism, and a new clock. The player supports CD-R and CD-RW, MP3, and WMA-enabled discs and displays CD info as well. Outputs include coaxial or optical digital, gold-plated analog out, and headphone output. Expect the player this month for £200 or $357.

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