MartinLogan Spire speakers for flawless electrostatic sound

So you have the latest Jack Johnson album and a good player. Now all you need to complete this is a set of great speakers and that is exactly what Martin Logan has for you. These new electrostatic speakers have some fancy-sounding tech built-in. There’s the ultra-rigid “AirFrame™” Curvilinear Line Source XStat audio transducer and the cabinets come in a variety of woods including maple, wenge, and rotary-cut Bubinga. Doesn’t sound good yet? Well, these speakers are also shockingly powerful and the accurate bass results from Spire’s PoweredForce 10-inch aluminum cone woofer and 200-watt high-resolution amplifier.

As one can expect the result is a usable bass extension down to 29Hz, immense bass dynamics and precision beyond the reach of traditional passive box systems. Additionally, the simple turn of a 35Hz equalization knob allows for you to choose what suits your room’s acoustics better. At $8,500 a pair, these MartinLogan speakers are worth every dollar. MartinLogan is one of the most respected names in audio and is located in Lawrence, Kansas, where 80 employees handcraft the company’s ultimate loudspeaker products.

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