Modular Dishwasher is still a concept

We often come home tired after a day’s work only to find a pile of dishes lying in the washbasin. Hence to ease our workload, designer Anna Lopez has come up with a new kind of dishwasher that has been integrated as a cabinet unit. Both compartments wash independently, meaning the user does not have to worry about unloading the dishes and stores the dishes after they are cleaned, unlike conventional dishwashers. I am disposed to believe that this approach gives the user ergonomic handling of the dishes in a user-friendly fashion.

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But it still has certain drawbacks. We tend to have a shocking number of dishes to do at a time and it seems doubtful to me if the Modular dishwasher could possibly accommodate all of them. But no matter how we advocate its disadvantages, the machine certainly clears most of our work, and this concept of autonomous dishwashing, if worked on will produce a better class of dishwashers.

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