Monsieur, the robotic bartender, mixes the perfect cocktail and learns from your choices

Soon you’ll be able to walk into a crowded bar and almost never have to wait for the busy bartender to serve you but get your favorite cocktail made by a robot. Meet the Monsieur, a robotic bartender that does the pouring, measuring, blending, and mixing for you. All you have to do is press a button, and it fills up a glass with ice and lets you scroll through a drink menu, and serves it when you’re done. The futuristic mini-fridge-like machine with an interactive touchscreen is the creation of Barry Givens, co-founder and CEO. A mechanical engineer by profession, Barry got the idea of creating Monsieur after struggling to find consistently good cocktails.

Monsieur robotic bartender features artificial intelligence that can learn your routine and suggest a fitting drink according to the mood. ‘The bartender actually learns you and learns your lifestyle,’ said Barry Givens. ‘It learns your tastes. It learns your favorite sports teams. It learns when you come home from work. That’s what other robotic bartenders haven’t been able to provide.’ It uses an Android tablet as its primary interface, from which customers can view and order from an extensive drink menu. Drinks can also be ordered through an Android and iOS app. The Monsieur robotic bartender comes in several sizes as per use. The smallest variant holds four bottles of alcohol and the largest holds 16. The price ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. We have seen several similar robotic bartenders in the past, like the MyFountain which was launched back in 2007. The only problem with digital bartenders is that they won’t get chatty from behind the counter if you’re feeling down and low.

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[Via – Cnet]

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