Neod : The gorgeous mirror LCD TV with Swarovski frame

Normal TV’s are so passe; you have to have something that makes your TV sets stand out. That’s where Omnitech steps in with Neos. This is a hot Mirror LCD TV that offers interchangeability of frames around the screens. You have quite a few options ranging from Wide and Slim, classic style, and modern. The crystal black reflective glass made with metal oxide deposit makes sure that you get high performance. When you switch on the TV, the surface becomes reflective. This mirrored display looks sleek. The frames are quite gorgeous, and they strike just the right balance between technology and design. You can customize the frames to suit your style and needs. Some of the choices available are beige straw, Robotech, Swarovski, interweaving black, shiny red crocodile, ostrich white, shiny gold, and silver gloss. Something tells me that I’d go for Swarovski. Need some shimmer and shine in my life.

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