Netsurfer supposed to be the World’s Most Comfortable PC Chair

All-day through I work sitting on these stupid uncomfortable chairs and just keep on thinking about getting a new one (but don’t end up with any). My mom always says that “You owe it to yourself and your butt too”. After all, I am vulnerable to the carpal tunnel, the repetitive strain, lower back pain, upper back pain or even the sever eye strain. To eliminate the chances to all those gross ailments, Snowcrash is selling what seems to be the world’s most comfortable PC chair. It has emerged from Snowcrash’s search for new forms of furniture compatible with new technologies. Its semi-reclining position with the screen at eye level is designed to be comfortable for long periods. Moreover, it has pillows to support the neck and lower back.

Your arms and legs are taken care of by adjustable arm and footrests. This hi-tech is equally hi-priced at 3,200 Euros ($4,300 USD). Or else settle for the plain old boring computer chair.
Dimension- 1610w x 780d x 980h mm

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