Nokia Supreme dazzles as the world’s most expensive Nokia handset

I stand by Nokia and cannot settle for any other brand for myself. Not even the most expensive godly phone. And Stuart is out to woo (me and) all Nokia buffs in the New Year with the exclusively designed Nokia Supreme. Hailed as the world’s most unique and expensive Nokia handset ever made, this bejeweled Nokia targets the well-heeled women. Caked with 12.5 cts of Pink diamonds, I am sure a rich dude will only buy the Nokia Supreme for his Lady Supreme. About 1225 dazzling pink rocks on the front and the rear add glamour to the Nokia 8800 Arte. The cherry on the icing is the 3ct single cut flawless diamond as a navigation button. All this oomph is plastered on solid hallmarked platinum. A total of 83 grams of platinum is used to make the veneers, eight platinum screws, and the diamond mount for the center button. For £99,995 ($160,000), this blushing Nokia Supreme will be shipped in a granite chest with leather interiors.
Thanks Stuart

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