Samsung to turn a 78″ curved UHD TV into a one-off gold-wrapped piece of art

The current curved UHD TV range by Samsung, I must admit, is simply stunning to look at. Some might even compare the aesthetics of the TV to an artistic creation, but the South Korean consumer electronics giant collaborated with rising Korean Artist Sung Yong Hong to create a true one-off artwork out of a 78″ Curved UHD TV. The gold lacquer-painted 78″ Curved UHD TV is a beautiful piece that combines innovative technology with intricate design. Samsung yesterday announced a partnership with Christie’s to auction the special edition artisan curved UHD TV. It will be on public display during the preview of Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction beginning on November 20. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to Orbis, a global non-governmental organization (NGO) with the mission to improve access to high-quality eye health.

Samsung commissioned Hong for his expertise in Ottchil, a Korean lacquer painting technique that dates back to the Neolithic Era, and for his ability to apply a traditional art form onto modern materials. Just as it was once used to preserve valuable ancient artefacts, Hong’s use of Ottchil was deliberate and symbolic – to preserve those cherished moments of entertainment that TVs deliver. The Samsung Curved UHD TV is an artistic creation, but this collaboration with Sung Yong Hong elevates it to a true work of art,” said KK Park, Executive Vice President and head of Sales & Marketing, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. The unique TV was designed by Hong in connection with the theme, “Memory of TV.” It features iconic scenes and famous characters from television, which are brought to life through intricate gold-lacquered paintings on the TV’s rear face.

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