Onkyo D-TK 10 Speakers

“The musicality and acoustic personality of a superbly crafted guitar represents more than a physical musical instrument.” How it sounds is of utmost importance. When you marry cutting edge technology with great art, the result has to be phenomenal. So is the case with Onkyo, sound engineers, and renowned guitar maker, Takamine. This collaboration has given birth to an amazingly special engineered D-TK10 speakers that take advantage of the entire speaker cabinet, rather than the traditional use of only the woofers and tweeters. The D-TK10 is a speaker that expresses the positive qualities of both the speaker performance and musical instrument design and construction. These beauties are handmade rosewood-and-mahogany and measure less than nine inches tall, making them easy to display on a shelf, as well as good for small spaces in general.

They are so special that only one order can be placed per household, and only fifty pieces are made per month. At a heady price of $2000, they will surely make a proud place in your home.