Outdoor Misting System-for outdoor cooling

Don’t get confined in your own home; enjoy your outdoor surroundings with a misting system that can reduce the temperature by up to 20 degrees with a cool, refreshing mist! Outdoor misting systems cool down hot arid areas and provide a nice outdoor cooling effect to your decks, patios, greenhouses, pet areas and poolside during those hot summer days. This all-in-one kit designed to cool the air by as much as 20 degrees comes with an easy-to-install system that uses a fine mist to cool any 10-foot outdoor area. With no electricity or batteries required, you just need to connect the mist line to any standard garden hose. You can even connect multiple kits to this one to cool larger areas, up to 100 feet.

Misting is a series of mist nozzles creating a curtain of fine mist surrounding and cooling your patio and outdoor areas. So start using your back yard even on the hottest days of the year for just about$50.

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