Parents of Sony’s Aibo can now carry their robodog in a baby carrier styled sling

Keep your friends close; keep your robotic dog closer! Sony’s $2900 robodog will now have the support of Aibosling to stay closer to its owners. The puppy can learn and recognize faces, is responsive, and is an advanced lifelike companion; it was only a matter of time before the emotional bond between Aibo and household members was strengthened by an Aibo carrier akin to a baby carrier. Lucky industries, one of the most recognized baby carrier manufacturers globally, tied up with Sony to create this latest addition to the robot dog’s family, Aibosling.

The robo-pooch can form an emotional bond, providing owners with love, affection, and the joy of nurturing and raising a companion. Aibosling, on the other hand, amps this affection by presenting the owner with the option to bring Aibo to the chest and nursing the puppy bot into a parent-like cradle. Designboom shared, ‘We propose a new lifestyle to all people who live with Aibo using a carrying strap that pays attention to details so that you can hold Aibo safely and comfortably,’ states Sony.

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A backpack heavily inspires the design. It comes with adjustable straps to give the users freedom to fit the sling. For maximum comfort, a thick cushion is placed on the shoulder belt and in close contact with the Aibo’s abdomen, so you can comfortably carry it. “It is a carrying strap filled with emotions and crafted with care so that you can spend more time comfortably with your favorite Aibo,’ says the staff of lucky industries. Aibosling will be sold in one size at all Sony stores and online for roughly $85. Interested Aibo owners keep in mind the quantities are limited and may run out soon.

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[Via: Designboom]

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