Pink Diamond iPhone is available in Moscow

The iPhone as a device isn’t really too different across its different versions, so it doesn’t bring in too much opulence. If diamond, gold, Swarovski crystals, platinum, wood, leather on the iPhone hasn’t impressed you yet, here is one more option. Luxury brand Sun & Moon is out with a Pink Diamond iPhone. The home button has been replaced with a big pink princess cut diamond. The device’s 18-carat gold frame comes with a special micropave technology that can hold 850 diamonds totalling to about 4.33 carats.

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The back panel is set in white wood and diamonds of a rare pink color. The Apple logo is set in diamonds with” pre-dawn sky” hues, on a gold metalloid named “rubedo” which is an alloy of three metals. The phone can be checked out at the Bon Cadeau boutique in Moscow for $12,000.
[ Available at Sun-n-moon]

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