Row your way to fitness with HOLOFIT’s latest VR Rowing machine

Virtual Reality is slowly but surely becoming the name of the game! After VR-inspired games and recreation, it’s now time for VR thrusted fitness to capture the market. In reinventing the bounds of fitness and making it more fun than ever, players like HOLIDA are introducing bikes, rowing, and elliptical trainers that are a fitting answer to the needs of high-tech machinery in 21st-century gyms.

Recently the marquee unveiled a VR Rowing machine that makes fitness fun and allows you to go on an adventure ride, all while enabling you to gain some muscle and burn that rigid body fat. A cardio powerhouse fitted with VR headsets, HOLIDA’s HOLOFIT bike, rowing, or elliptical machine caters to your core fitness and also allows you experience a life-like adventure fueled by VR. An immersive world of its own, HOLOFIT’s VR inspired fitness forums are often termed as HOLOWORLDs, platforms where fitness enthusiasts can choose to row through icy waters or use a mix of pedaling and arm movement as an alternative form of exercise.

HOLIDA nails the concept by affixing a Holofit computer to a concept 2 rowing machine, wherein gym goes can position themselves and set off on a VR adventure with the use of headphones. Commenting on the unique concept of HOLOFIT, Bojana Knezevic, COO of Holodia, said, “We make fitness fun. We help users forget they are working out by immersing them in fantastic VR worlds.” All said, achieving your dream weight with the HOLOFIT might just be the most feasible idea of the century!

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