SafeCell is world’s most expensive app for $12,500

It’s the app age… you’ve an app for everything: booking tickets, finding restaurants, games, even for data backups. And while most of these useful apps are free, some come with a price tag that justifies the price once you start using. But an app for $ 12,500? Well, did we stop you on your track? We think we just did. Called SafeCell, this ASiQ made app’s purpose is to let you use your phone in-flight to make phone calls. So all you have to do is buy the app, download it on your mobile. When in an airplane, switch it on, the app will automatically latch on to the aircraft’s computer system and allow you to make calls – that too, without interrupting the airplane’s functioning. Launched for BlackBerry and Symbian platform (Android and iPhone to follow soon), this app may sound expensive, but is cheap compared to the half-million dollars that aircraft mobile phone systems can cost.

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SafeCell delivers virtually the same features you get from a conventional mobile phone system, ASiQ’s CEO Ron Chapman says, but without the price tag or roaming charges. But in case you order by January next year, the Australian company also can install a permanent aircraft server and Bluetooth access point. And for $10,000 extra, you get a mobile phone and a noise-canceling headset. Now talk about exclusivity, up in the air!
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