SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector demands attention

Coming from Italy, it’s but natural to find the best of the projectors also coming in the same hot color as that of the best of the car from the same land. The Ferrari of projectors, the new SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X 1080 is supposed to be the smallest and the lightest from SIM2. Considered the Holy Grail of home cinema picture quality, 3-chip DLP projectors offer the very best large image imaginable, here in spectacular Full HD. They are the Hollywood standard and can create pinpoint pictures up to 30ft across. Its response time is 500 times faster than that of LCD-based rivals and is streets ahead in terms of picture performance.
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Although it’s available in high-gloss gunmetal, black, red and gold, I’d settle for the Ferrari red only. Its carries a Ferrari-ous price tag too of £18,000 ($36,000) and can be bought in November.