The smart and chic new security camera from Yves Behar

Here’s a security camera that’s quite different from what you’re used to; it’s a sleek cube created by Yves Behar’s design studio that promises a secure home without compromising on the chic factor. Created with British brand Hive, the camera is called the Hive View and comes with a stand that you can use to adjust the positioning of the camera to your liking.

You can mount the detachable cube camera on a shelf or wall from where it can offer a 130º field of view. The camera is capable of HD live-streaming and person detection too, but it won’t stay on all the time. It is activated by movement but you can set it to capture only people so as to avoid having it set off by pets. It is made from PCABS plastic, the camera itself it black while the stand comes in two colorways black/copper and white/gold.

The content captured can be viewed anywhere anytime with the help of your smartphone. Captures can be viewed for 24-hours by default but you can upgrade to receive 30-day rolling video history. This is the most stylish way to keep your home safe!


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