Sony CineAlta 4K SRX-R220 projector for great cinema experience

Lucky rich dudes and successful cinema houses are soon going to have one thing in common, they are all going to upgrade to the Sony CineAlta 4K SRX-R220 projector. The profound size of this new projector can give a vertically challenged person a huge complex. This mammoth projector can display 8.850.000 pixels of super high definition recordings in movie theaters and elite homes alike. It is the latest edition of Sony’s SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) line. Similar to the SRX-R1xx series it still can’t reach 10 megapixels, but it features an LMT-100 media processor, LMS-100 screen management system, RAID storage, and built-in nonstop power supply. The projector boasts of 4096 x 2160 pixels resolution with a 2000:1 contrast and 14 foot Lambert brightness (apparently 47,964 cd/m2, as per Sony’s site). the SRX-R220 can comfortably cover a 20-meter screen (65.6 feet) with its 4.2W xenon lamp. The R110 goes up to 17 meters with a 3.0W and 14 meters with a 2.0W lamp. The LMT-100 Media Block displays the pixels onscreen, peps the lowers resolution originals, decrypts the contents, process the multi-channel audio, and places subtitle using XML or PNG files. The BNC connector lets you connect your various video gears to it, but you can hook up the computer, PlayStation 3, or AppleTV using a DVI port.
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The SRX-R220 and SRX-R210 has prices starting at $126,540 and can be experienced in a cinema (or your personal theatre) by the end of theis year of early next year because it will be available from May 2007 onwards.

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