Sony Japan launches EX-monitor earphones for $800

Music is the spice of life and if you observe the world around you, people have become so self-involved that everyone enjoys the company of their music media (such as iPod, etc) the most. Since music is such a vital part of our lives these days, hence, investing into a good product is not a bad idea. However, when Sony’s new EX-monitor earphones charge $800 a piece, you stop to wonder exactly how important two strings and a bud to soften your brain from hammering really are!

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It features a custom 16mm driver made from liquid crystalline polymer, allowing more ‘realistic sounds’, can inject 3-30,000 Hz of frequency range, a gold-plated stereo mini-plug, a gold-plated stereo mini-jack and so on. It is available at the moment only in Japan. The rest of the world might get it as soon as the world comes to term with how the recession happened in the first place.

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