Straight from Japan – This $1000 decked out gaming bed setup is every gamer’s dream come true

Gaming chairs and setups have reached a point where just won’t want to get out, no matter what happens! Last year, Acer showcased its latest Predator Thronos Air gaming chair that along with different interesting features also features a massaging function to relax your body on those taxing marathon gaming sessions. The only scenario where you’ll have to climb out of the 1.5-meter-tall structure is when you can’t keep your eyes open anymore and absolutely have to hit the sack. However, a Japanese company has come up with an ingenious, yet very simple, gaming setup that solves that problem as well! The company called Bauhutte has come up with gaming beds that can be matched with its extensive range of gaming-focused furniture to build the ultimate gaming set-up.

The Bauhutte gaming bed setup that can be seen in the pictures here is worth around $1000 after currency conversion and includes things like a customizable gaming desk, headboard, bed frame, rolling shelving, an adjustable keyboard tray, and even a gaming blanket and custom beanbag pillow. If you just want the Bauhutte bed desk, it can be yours for only $300. The price doesn’t include the cost of a gaming PC or console, monitors, and other gaming peripherals. However, it might be one of the cheaper gaming setups that we really like and something that hasn’t been done yet by any other brand (at least, we aren’t aware of any).

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[Via: Gizmodo]

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