Studded with 15,000 diamonds, this Apple Watch case is more expensive than a Rolex watch.

If Apple products weren’t expensive enough by themselves, Swedish brand Golden Concept has revealed a fitting watch case for the marquee to make it pricier. We’re referring to the brand’s latest edition which comes emblazoned with diamonds and is priced at a ludicrous $15,000. The Golden Concept Diamond Edition as it is called features 443 diamonds of exceptional clarity, colorlessness, and cut, with the frame carved from a single block of titanium. Each piece is handcrafted and takes around a week to complete.

According to the marquee, it is also the world’s first Apple Watch case designed with real diamonds and features VVS1-2, E-grade stones that are secured on a synthetic rubber strap. Commenting on it, the company said, “Each piece features a rubber wrist strap made from customized Fluoroelastomer, a heat-, cold-, and chemical-resistant fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber. Each piece can be personalized with an engraving on the backplate.”

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Limited to only seven pieces, the Golden Concept Diamond Edition can be ordered for either Apple Watch 7 or pre-ordered for the forthcoming Apple Watch 8 with the choice to personalize the case as well. It is currently available for purchase on the brand’s official website.

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