“Tablet Mac Computer”…A genius of a concept!

Normally I don’t really care about people coming up with mind-bending concepts as most of them wouldn’t make a world of a difference to me or anyone else for that matter. But the Mac-Tablet computer concept is one which I am most eagerly waiting for. Other World Computing has come up with a future trend of computers for you, which is known as “Tablet Mac Computer”. This laptop doesn’t need a keyboard and extremely practical for business professionals, artists and technology leaders and for anyone who wants to show off what a cool computer they own.

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My favourite part in this is the 13.3 inch widescreen LCD is that it will enable one to inscribe on the screen with true pen and Handwriting recognition. Its gonna make you feel like James bond, atleast till half your neighbourhood doesn’t have one of these. This sleek laptop will debut with all vital features such as internal CD/DVD combo drive, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi capabilities and Global Positioning System. Now all we need to do is…Wait and Watch.

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