The Adamas and Aurora collection of bejeweled iPhone 5 by Continental Mobiles

Of late, the iPhone 5 has been creating quite a stir in the world of luxury. We have seen it in a couple of exciting and alluring avatars: some in pure gold and special pink for Valentines, others studded in bespoke diamonds with Amosu, even bejeweled to represent the colors of the Italian flag as well as earn the tag of being the world’s most expensive phone worth $15 million! However, that’s not the end of it all, iPhone 5 has a long way to go, and its newest avatar, courtesy Continental Mobiles (a British based bespoke design company of beautiful handsets specializing in luxury finishes and precious stones), is the Adamas and Aurora collections that dress the iPhone 5 in diamonds and gems studs with no space to spare!

Diamonds are forever. They are rare, and basking in the beauty of multiple diamond encrusts, Adama’s handset would also be a rare find – a limited edition of only 10 handsets available worldwide. An exclusive collection exquisitely hands tailored in gold with Vs1 diamonds; no space has been left bare on the phone. Even the logo and buttons flaunt diamond studs! Because of the exclusivity of the set, Continental has arranged for the phone to be packed in a wooden box and transported to the customer in an armored security vehicle. The cost of the phone is approximate $56,000.

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Going a step forward and playing with variations, Continental Mobiles accompanies the alluring Adamas collection with its Aurora style of iPhone 5s – this time adorning gems as its cloak of glory! Like the Adamas collection, the Aurora, cloaked in a glitterati of gems, captures every passing color and reflects dazzling shades of the same. It is the most exclusive and expensive set in Continental’s collection of phones, and rightly so. Priced at approx. $106,000, Aurora too is a limited edition series with only 10 pieces available worldwide.
You can purchase the entire collection of Continental Mobiles through its boutiques worldwide, including Harrods and Frost of London. You also have an option to make an online purchase through

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