The mother of all Playstations – This PS5 is clad with 30 kg of pure gold and costs $1.8 million

Just a few days before the end of this year, Caviar has revealed its new product collection for 2021, and it has one of the most over-the-top items even by its own standards. The Russian customization company is known for making special edition luxury products slathered in gold and other super-expensive materials. Its latest lineup includes a one-off custom Sony PlayStation 5 that is completely clad in 18-karat gold. That’s not very surprising. The PS5 gaming console by Caviar will be decorated with 20kg (44lb) of gold. The console’s geometric 3D design is constructed out of 8 plates, cast in solid 18-karat gold. The special design adds volume to the console’s appearance, which is definitely needed to compensate for the additional 44 pounds of weight. The one-off console is fittingly named the Golden Rock.

But it doesn’t end there. Caviar has used another 10kg (22lb) of 18-karat gold on other package bits, which includes the gamepad controllers. Also wrapped in solid gold with a similar pattern found on the console, the Caviar craftsmen have further decorated the accompanying controllers with crocodile leather on the grip. Caviar hasn’t revealed the price-tag of this bespoke PS5, but the amount of gold used for creating this unique console alone costs $1.8 million according to the current gold rates. In addition to the gold PS5, Caviar’s new line-up for 2021 includes gold versions of Nike Jordan, AirPods Max headset, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Limited Edition. Caviar isn’t the only company to announce a gold-plated PS5. Back in July, UK-based personalization brand Truly Exquisite revealed their own version of a gold PS5, which carries a comparatively reasonable price-tag of $10,825.

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[Via: PlayStation LifeStyle]

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