The most luxurious espresso machines in the world!

At $24,000, the La Marzocco Mistral better make the world’s most delicious cup of coffee. What would I do without my first morning cup of espresso? If you need the caffeine push to start your day too, you can invest in the best possible machine that money can buy! If you can’t seem to decide what it that you really want is, go through the best of Luxury Espresso Machines that you can lay your hands on!

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First up is the Speedster from Kees van der Westen. A lower variant from the Netherlands based company; it is the best thing to have if you face hard-water issues. Priced at $7,200 the hand-made machine comes with a water softener and a fitting to wash it under any tap.
If cost is no problem, you can pick up the high range Mistral by Kees van der Westen. Priced at $24,000 this hand-crafted pedal-operated, dual-boiler technology oriented machine can increase temperature stability as a shot is being drawn.

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