The Portable DVD Player from Amadana

People who travel all over the country will really appreciate the portable DVD player. Having your kind of entertainment in the stuffy hotel rooms can make the trip a shade better. A must for parents traveling with kids ensures that the kiddies get to watch their favorite DVDs while you catch your breath. A sleek entrant to the portable DVD market is the Amadana DVD Player. Equipped with 10-inch-wide LCD, the largest among the portable types it displays TFT Active Matrix 1,150,000 pixels with progressive scanning. With a large, high-definition LCD, you can enjoy the beautiful images on the portable player. Amadana portable DVD player supports the Dolby Digital sound system, recreating realistic sounds such as a roaring waterfall or the sound of a gun, making you live the moment. Laminated bamboo is used for its body giving it a natural look. It is equipped with 6 input-output terminals, such as audio input/output terminals, digital output, and S-video output; you can enjoy movies and music by connecting it to your audio system. It is also equipped with 2 headphone terminals, so you can enjoy a theater experience just for two

The Portable DVD Player from Amadana costs about$1200. Also available are four different colored carrying cases for it: Red, Yellow, Dark Brown, and Beige.

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