The World’s Most Advanced Massage Chair

It is time to fire your masseurs. Not that they are not competent enough it’s just that with the new massage chair by Hammacher Schlemmer you may begin to doubt their competence. It’s the most comprehensive massager you could get your hands on. Instead of asking us what it can do you should be asking if there is anything it can’t do. And the answer would obviously be no because it can do everything to relax you, even if you happen to be an astronaut. I give that example in particular as the seating posture is identified by NASA as being the least stressful for astronauts during take-off while relieving stress on the back and facilitating oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. They wouldn’t do that for anything. Now if you think this is gonna feel like any other machine with those rollers you are highly mistaken as to its got prong-like structures which will give the feel of human hands massaging you as they grasp your shoulders, squeezing and rubbing your neck and shoulders. If you want detail on what it can do then you would be surprised to know that it has about 24 airbags throughout the seat, back, and leg rest that gently stretches and produce compression massage which relieves you and gives you the rest you craved and also mitigates you of stiffness cause in your calves and heels.

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You can also choose the massage type from gentle to energizing from the five-speed setting. The size is as follows 30″ H x 28 3/4″ W x 72 1/2″ D. (176 lbs.). And I think the Hammacher Schlemmer massage chair is rather economical for $4,999.95.

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