This mechanized giant Scorpion is literally the mother of all gaming chairs

We have witnessed some crazy, some iconic and legendary villain lairs in cinema over the years. We have been enthralled by Karl Stromberg’s Atlantis from “The spy who loved me’, Lex Luthor’s grand central terminal from ‘Superman’ and Francisco Scaramanga’s Scaramanga Island from ‘The man with the golden gun’. While we may not harbor their villainous intent we could get our own private, badass, giant scorpion, zero-gravity gaming chair simply because it looks outrageously awesome and certainly makes you feel empowered. It doubles up as a computer workstation, and no one in their right mind will mess with someone perched inside that thing. The Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair and workstation is basically an elaborate chair with 49-inch monitor, and transforms with a touch of a button. The tail of the scorpion expands to become the overhang support for the screen mount. Both the angle and the distance of the monitor is adjustable using a controller. The scorpions’ claws double up as a keyboard and mouse stand and on its side there’s a slot that conveniently stores the cockpit’s remote control. About the chair- it comes with a massage and heating function cause all work and no fun will make you undeserving of badass chair that is the Cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair.

The chair reclines up to 170 degrees, weighs 265 pounds, is 65 inches long, 47 inches wide and 82 inches tall when fully extended. The cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair is listed at roughly $3,300.

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[Via: The Verge]

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