Tomb Raider XBOX case mod studded with crystals sells for $11,000

Did you like Angelina Jolie’s role as Lara Croft, sure you did? (Everybody did) And if you’re one of the geeks who liked the game Tomb Raider Legends too; you’re in for a double treat. What you have at your disposal is a custom bedazzled job containing over 43,000 crystals attached to the case. She doesn’t look anything like Angie in the crystal mosaic; she rather looks like the hot chick in the video game series. Apparently, this stuff claims to be authentic as it comes from the official XBOX marketing in Germany.

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It costs a whopping $11,000, and only a few of these cases will be manufactured, so you don’t have to worry about being common. Oh, from Tomb Raider, I remembered the Tomb Raider gun that was out upon auction a couple of years back was cool too.

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