Ulysse Nardin Chairman Smart Phone Docking Station is stylish

After the big Baselworld debut, its time for the luxury smart phone Chairman from watch makers Ulysse Nardin to get some friends. And the first in line is the Chairman Smart Phone Docking Station. Crafted using wood, the lacquered docking station features over 260 hand assembled mechanical parts. Set in Alcantara leather, the docking station is hand polished for a natural wood or black finish. The sophisticated and classy docking station provides for a phone cradle which lets you charge the phone’s battery along with backing up and restoring data on its 32 GB memory stick. It also offers complete multimedia capabilities that include Bluetooth Connectivity.

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When docked, the phone can be used in the microphone and speakers mode to leave your hands free as you multitask. You can playback high quality music using the Bluetooth streaming via the speakers. What makes it a more compulsive buy is the systematic storage options for additional phone accessories, backup drives and chargers. Add a European/US/UK AC/DC power adapter to it, and you can travel the world with the duo now!
Thanks Julia

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