Vertu-luxury brand of Nokia escalating swiftly.

Vertu, the luxury brand of mobile maker Nokia is emerging rapidly, thanks to geographical expansion and launching new handsets. Currently selling ten thousand phones annually, their goal is to reach an annual sale of hundreds of thousands of phones, Vertu President Alberto Torres said in comments published on Monday. Headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Paris, New York, Beverly Hills, Singapore and Hong Kong, Vertu is to launch its luxury phones in the Nordic markets including Finland later this year and in Japan and Latin America in the next two years. For many of us owning a mobile phone is a basic necessity. However, this is the era where digital lifestyle and products are gaining universal acceptance and it’s not just about the techies anymore. Companies are coming up with their own luxury and premium brands which are targeted at the elite or rich section.

Nokia’s exclusive luxury brand called Vertu just deals in premium, exorbitant mobile handsets which are made of the finest of precious materials to make a unique style statement. The Nokia Vertu line may stun your senses but rest assured it will also burn a hole in your pocket! However the rich and the famous don’t care because it’s the ultimate in style and fashion.
Cased in precious metals such as platinum and gold and boasting features such as a sapphire crystal screen and jewelled bearings under each key, Vertu phones, the company says, are handmade to “set the standard for exquisitely crafted, high quality, luxury mobile communication.”
With prices starting at US$ 4,900 all the way to the $20,000, this new brand declares itself “the world’s first luxury mobile phone.”

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