Vertu’s Constellation Quest Ferrari revealed

The Constellation Quest Ferrari by Vertu is a treat for the eyes and the senses. The latest handset is packed with features and services that go a mile ahead to impress the owner and onlookers likewise. The phone comes with a unique coating which is as thin as 1/50 of a human hair but as strong as steel. This is also used by the car company on its engine parts. The Italian tradition runs in its appearance with handmade leather on the phone as well as leather slip case and scintillates with a ‘sea of sapphire’ keypad.

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To give the phone a touch of the Ferrari magic, Vertu has incorporated an exclusive analogue clock and calendar inspired by the rev-counter on the Ferrari 458 Italia. The phone’s titanium battery cover has the proud Cavallino Rempante, Ferrari’s symbolic prancing stallion emblem, in polished stainless steel.
The most special feature of this phone is three unique ringtones which are live recordings of the Ferrari 458 Italia on a test circuit. Till you lay your hands on this Vertu-Ferrari handset, you can treat your ears to the vrooming ringtones here.