Victoria by Novero: Line of exquisite bejeweled Bluetooth earpieces

Combining technology with exquisite gems is a craft only a few can claim to have mastered. Conquering this beautiful feat is yet another company, Novero, which is passionate about creating inspiring communication pieces. Novero has just unveiled its first line of contemporary Bluetooth earpieces in jewelry form. The line christened Victoria is the perfect blend of technology and artistry, turning your communication gadgets into high-tech jewels. Unveiled in London, this high-end line of glamorous Bluetooth devices will be launched in New York and Düsseldorf. The collection also features an uber-exclusive “la première édition” – a series of five commissioned pieces fashioned from precious metals and rare jewels valued at more than $120,000 each. For the luxury-loving tech freak, this exclusive collection is definitely a must-buy.

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The line encompasses everything from pure gold and silver, to Lapis Lazuli and diamonds, to the latest communication splendor. Created using a technique known as “pavé” (pavé is said to be the most meticulous stone-setting techniques), this line promises to bedazzle one and all. Some of the offerings in the collection are as follows:
Victoria Lapis: Designed to sit low and long around the neck, this Bluetooth device adorned with the precious Lapis stone promises to win you over with its contemporary design.
Victoria Pearl: Re-crafting the classic accessory for the 21st century, the “matinee length,” the Victoria Pearl Bluetooth necklace is handmade beautifully in gold and polished to the highest standards.
Victoria Stripes: Stripes is the embodiment of the spirit of Victoria. The piece wraps close to the nape of the neck, like a conventional choker, yet plunges past the neckline to a round, polished pendant.
Victoria Wave: Sure to leave you spellbound with its simplicity and minimalist design, Wave is an elegant choker whose centerpiece is a stunning yin-yang white and blue pendant.
Victor: Designed as a discreet pendant, Victor is hand-crafted in highly polished, piano-black cubes and finished with a brushed, silver plated cap. It beautifully clips to the shirt or jacket.
The Victoria collection will be available later this summer at select retailers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Luxury lovers can also commission pieces from the première edition line according to the requirements.
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