Who needs an Amex black card – This diamond-encrusted contactless payment bracelet has a $1.3 million spending limit

If you think wearables can only be bland, mass-market, tech-enabled fitness bands that have replaced digital watches, then you’re wrong. Over the last couple of years, the luxury world has opened up to wearable technology and we have seen several high-end brands come up with their own iterations wrapped in exclusivity. Geneva-based brand Armillion has revealed a diamond-encrusted bracelet that is capable of contactless payment and has a limit of of up to £1m, or about $1.3 million USD. Called the Adamantos, the bracelet is made of ceramic and 18k white gold and is decorated with 252 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 4.6 carats. The company says the MasterCard-supported bracelet works without a battery and the owners can adjust the limits, access their balance, and turn payments on and off via a dedicated app.

The description on the website reads: “Only the privileged who feel the embrace of Armillion on their wrist are able to understand our nonconformist search for the essence of luxury and purity in the finest materials elevated to the limit with shapes never achieved before.” If you’re worried about safety, the company claims the NFC technology behind the bracelet provides bank-level encryption to ensure safety and security. In addition to that, the bracelet can be for used home and vehicle security systems for keyless entry. Only 10 examples of the diamond-encrusted bracelet will be made and you can buy yourself one for £60,000, or $78,000 USD. Armillion also offers more affordable options, including the ‘Black Beast’ which has a grade 5 titanium polished construction.


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