World’s Most Expensive Mouse has Diamonds on it

How about this, your anniversary is around the corner and instead of getting your wife a beautiful diamond necklace (or any other jewellery) you get her the world’s most expensive mouse. In your defense, you may argue that this one is encrusted with diamonds, but you can’t expect her to go around town with a $24,000 computer mouse around her neck! Well, you may want to thank the good lord that you had the choice between the “Diamond Flower” design and the “Scattered Diamond” design, but I’m sure she won’t appreciate the fact that it has 59 brilliant-cut diamonds and is cast from 18-carat white gold. Swiss company Pat Says Now has designed the mouse. And in case you’re still interested, this is an optical mouse with a 3-button mouse wheel, it connects to your computer via USB or PS/2 (for PC and Mac) and has a resolution of 800dpi. Take my word mister, stick to the jewelry!

The World’s Most Expensive Mouse is Encrusted With Diamonds costs £12,400.00, or about $24,000.

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