Yours for $129,000, this one of its kind customized iPhone 11 Pro celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas is just around the corner and Russian customization brand Caviar has released its latest blinged-out iPhone that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Called the Credo Diamond Christmas Star iPhone 11 Pro, it is a part of the brand’s Credo line-up which has religion-themed customized iPhones. The Diamond Christmas star is built on a regular iPhone 11 Pro and features a backplate completely covered in 18-karat gold. At the center is a 3.05-carat diamond that is meant to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, while right below it is a Christmas nativity scene with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Caviar describes the custom iPhone 11 Pro creation as “an expression of special respect to this holy day.” Caviar will create only a single copy of the Diamond Christmas star, which is priced at $129,000 for the iPhone 11 Pro with 512GB storage. The buyer can also opt for iPhone 11 Pro Max for the Diamond Christmas star, which will escalate the price to $140,000.

In case you are sold on the Christmas theme of the customized iPhone but the price tag is too much for you, Caviar also has a diamond-less $6,000 version made with a stone composite and a $9,000 silver option, both of which come in a limited series of 99 copies. “Christmas is a time of true miracles. The Christmas star of the new Caviar collection will become a real artifact for the owner of this smartphone, leading to a bright, kind, eternal. We are very pleased to congratulate everyone who honors this holiday. And we wish you never to lose your guiding star,” the company said in a statement.


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