Ziricote Wooden Phone Stands Out

It’s tough standing out with your cell phone these days…..just when you have thought that you have the latest and the best of the lot, you find some other soul also flaunting the same! With gadgets going beyond limits to be the finest to sport the high-techie look, there are a fraction of people who would want to differ! Take a look at the perfect fusion of tradition and modernization – Ziricote Wooden Phone. Hulger has been making add-on retro-style handsets for cell phones for some time now, with a range of shapes and connectivity options. Their latest is a wooden version of their PIP PHONE design, crafted from grain-rich Ziricote and coming complete with a pot of wax to feed and maintain it. Traditional looks don’t mean traditional features, as Ziricote connects via Bluetooth, and can be used with cell phones or VOIP software.

The Ziricote PHONE is currently one of a kind, unavailable anywhere else in the world, but obtainable for $3,900 (£2000) at Digital Wellbeing Showroom.

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