A single tin of this ultra-rare caviar costs more than a Porsche 911

Caviar’s ability to command ridiculous prices is simply amazing! And now, a velvety buttery specific species of caviar is set to cost a jaw-dropping $113,630.

Of course, it is extremely rare and precious officially called Strottarga Bianco and dubbed “White Gold Caviar”. The caviar is derived from the Siberian Albino Sturgeon, raised at a tiny fish farm by Walter Grüll and his son in Salzburg, Austria.

Let’s delve into the details; once harvested, the fish eggs are dehydrated, before a finely grated layer of 22-karat edible gold leaf is sprinkled on it to make it even fancier (I mean how else can one justify the six-figure sum). It is then sold for 100,000 euros per kilogram (or $113,630), thereby earning it the title of the most expensive food product in the world.

A hefty five kilos of the product is processed to produce one kilo given its ability to dehydrate. According to the farm’s website, it takes eight to ten years to be ready to harvest.

Frankly, caviar has always been known to be extremely expensive, but this particular lot set a new benchmark.


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