At $816 this is the most expensive ice-cream scoop in the world

Another feather in Dubai’s cap! After the world’s tallest building and biggest mall, now comes the world’s most expensive icecream sundae. Dubai’s Scoopi Café has created the world’s most expensive Sundae called Black Diamond that is priced at $ 816 for a scoop.

This exotic ice cream is available at the newly opened Scoopi Café on Al Wasl Road in Dubai. The founder of the café patiently crafted the dessert over a five week period, and had ingredients flown in from across the globe till he had perfected the recipe.

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What is it that makes a scoop of ice-cream cost almost as much as a piece of jewellery? This sundae is made out of Madagascar vanilla ice-cream, infused with Iranian saffron and slices of black Italian truffle that add depth to the flavour. To top it all, sprinkled on top of this scoop is 23 carat edible gold which takes this sundae to a league of its own. The presentation has to be fitting to such a scoop so it is served in a Versace bowl and spoon, which the customer gets to keep.

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[Via – Arabian-Business]

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