At $9000, the world’s most expensive whiskey tasting is all for charity

Whisky connoisseurs willing to pay top dollar for their single malt are in for a treat as the world’s most expensive whiskey tasting is coming into town. All for charity, the Whiskey Show will take place at the Old Billingsgate Market in London on Saturday, October 3, 2015. With only 45 tickets on sale, the lucky enthusiasts will be able to sample whiskey from one of the world’s most sought after collections from the Japanese Karuizawa distillery, where bottles are known to be priced over £10,000 ($15,700)! Each guest will also receive a limited edition bottle of Karuizawa 1983 – with only 50 bottles being made exclusively for this event.

So much exclusivity, as you would expect, is not for all. While each ticket is priced at £6,000 ($9,400), the 45 tickets have to be won through a ballot. Those who make the cut can sip and be merry as all the profits from the whiskey tasting will go to charities that support redevelopment after the 2015 Nepal earthquake, making all that drinking a social cause! If that isn’t good enough reason to get drunk, what is!

[Via – Thehandbook]