Atomos revolutionizes the way the world looks at high-quality wine

Amid the swirls and sniffs that we have been conditioned to, the pure joy of wine is undisputedly in its taste. With the festive season upon us, we come to accept the fact that there is no right wine, and if there is, you haven’t looked far enough. Wine bottles reflect the value of the elixir within it and it isn’t easy to tell the rarer kinds from the common variants that tend to fly off-the-shelf more often, during the festive season. Italian winemaker, Atomos, is looking to create an experience that will be as exclusive as it is luxurious.

Atomos is a relatively newer brand and has been founded this year. However, behind it is the Di Niso family who has been making wine since the ’90s and has always strived to give the world the finest wine it has ever tasted. With award-winning winemakers in their employ, they have created quite a masterpiece.

Atomos has brought forth a unique wine experience with a process that involves manual destemming of grapes, a process that is usually carried out by machines. What this achieves is an assurance of only the best grapes getting picked to make the wine. Some may imagine this to be time-consuming and they wouldn’t be wrong, but isn’t that the price you pay for exclusivity and fine quality? This sets Atomos apart from several luxury wines that would otherwise play up aspects such as age and bottling, to support their claims of high-quality grapes and processes.

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Because of the hand-destemming process, the wines tend to have a longer shelf life (or should we say cellar life?). The brand uses grapes that come from Bucchianico, near the Gran Sasso mountain. The grapes used for the wine are the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo variant. Like all great winemakers, the company is on a constant search for finer variants of grapes and aren’t sitting on their laurels. Once the grapes are selected the bottles are stored at temperatures between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius. It is submerged in a wooden tank and left to age in one of the oldest caves of Italy so that it achieves the optimum temperature and humidity while it lies in wait to be finally bottled.

But the brand doesn’t stop there. The bottle design of Atomos wine is unique. It comes inside a gorgeous Alcantara pouch that keeps the bottle’s exposure to light at bay. This is what makes it such an exclusive gift to oneself or to others. The ceremonious unsheathing of the contents itself stirs the senses and excites the palate for a taste. Coming to the bottle, it is clear so that you can see the contents within, a welcome feature so that you can get to know the exact color and level of the wine before you purchase it. It’s a handsome 1-liter bottle, befitting the exclusive contents it carries.
To truly demonstrate the exclusivity of their wares, the brand released nine bottles with the Atomos logo in 18-karat gold, delivered to you in hand-crafted leather bags, and a certificate of authenticity.

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We look at Atomos to bring about a drastic change in the way fine wines are viewed and interpreted, globally. They have gone a step ahead and broken the status quo when it comes to bottling, but the process doesn’t just stop there. Their manually destemmed wine also shows how much the brand cares about you receiving only the finest quality in the eloquent bottle. This reflects their courage to step forth and make a dent in a traditionally-minded world. And that’s why it makes for the perfect wine for this holiday season.

[Atomos wine is available from €250]

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