Baked Fresh: At $450, The World’s Most Expensive Pizza is topped with Caviar and Lobster

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Lobster and Caviar as pizza ingredients These are a few of my favorite things

Or so Julie Andrews would’ve crooned in The Sound of Music had she taken a bite of the world’s most expensive pizza created by Steveston Pizza in Richmond, British Columbia. The pizzeria from the coastal city in Canada is now selling what’s rumored to have been invented as the poor man’s food, loaded with lobster thermidor, black Alaskan cod, smoked salmon, tiger prawns, and Russian Osetra caviar.

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“It’s not your usual Friday night pizza,” says Nader Hatami, owner of the pizzeria. Clearly not! At $450 per pie, it makes previous Guinness World Record title-holder, Gordon Ramsay’s $178 white truffle pizza appear like a 50% off, end-of-sale product. Besides, of course, burning a doubly large hole in your pocket. “I just kept on going with the ingredients,” Hatami says of the pizza that was apparently created out of his love for seafood and as of yesterday has had about eight takers.

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Do you share the love? If not, you could go for the slightly more realistic $120 pizza, which features Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead, lobster ratatouille and roasted garlic. Or try Steveston’s other curious creations some of which include toppings like Brie, Swedish mustard drizzle, wasabi-scented chicken and seaweed.

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