Canadian food truck creates the most expensive hot dog with Kobe beef, Lobster and Louis XIII Cognac

Vancouver’s Dougie Dog eatery has just smashed Serendipity 3’s record for the world’s most expensive hot dog! The Canadian food truck has raised the world record stakes with some seriously posh ingredients including truffle oil and Kobe beef. The price tag on their culinary couture? A whopping $100!

The foot long “Dragon Dog” begins with a bratwurst sausage that is soaked in Louis the 13th cognac; don’t roll your eyes just yet! A single bottle of the rich cognac costs a jaw dropping $2000! The sausage is topped with Kobe beef seared with olive and truffle oil. To this, the chef adds fresh lobster sautéed in garlic and finally a generous helping of Dougie Dog’s top secret picante sauce. The dog is served in a 12 inch sweet bun.
If you’re willing to fork over a hundred dollars for a forkful of this hot dog, you need to order at least 12 hours in advance! We suppose all those pricey ingredients take time to source. According to Dougie Luv, President of Dougie Dogs, over 1000 people have tried and loved the Dragon Dog; we sure hope so! Soaking sausages in $2,000 cognac, means having to sell 20 hot dogs to cover the cost of a single bottle of cognac, not to mention the laundry list of gourmet toppings.

worlds-expensive-hotdog-2Would we shell out $100 for our afternoon snack? Maybe not every day, but once in a while, we’re sure everyone can do with a taste of luxury!

[Via – NY-Daily-News]

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