Caviar, cocktails, and a candle-lit table in the middle of the ocean. Could this be the most socially distant dining in the USA?

How far would you go to enjoy a socially-distant meal? Taking the term private-dining to new heights is this luxury Florida Keys resort offering the most socially distanced dinner ever. Not only do you enjoy a five-course dinner for two from executive chef and Miami native Daniel Ganem, but you also do so on a beach, with feet immersed in water, stars posing as your roof, and sipping cocktails in your own personal paradise! No other idea ever has seemed so convincing of the social-distancing norms. At Little Palm Resort and Spa on Little Torch Key, you will enjoy a meal for two in the water that’s pretty shallow so you don’t have to worry about swimming, drowning, or sharks (even they will keep their distance). You can truly enjoy the company of your loved one without interruption, with the “Dinner on the Sandbar” package and feel true peace surrounded by romantic tiki torches on the white sand beach with a stunning starry sky overhead.

The menu includes such courses as foie gras creme brulee with mango, cashews, and coconut and duck with Vadouvan, apricot, raisins, truffles and delicacies like caviar. All this seclusion and luxury in the lap of nature doesn’t come for anything less than $1,000 and that excludes tax and a 20 percent service charge. If the idea of dipping your feet in warm waves and eating isn’t your thing, you can choose to dine in the dining room and enjoy the view from afar.

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[Via: Miami Herald]

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