Danish chocolate truffle is world’s most expensive

La Madeline au Truffle, created by Danish chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt is acknowledged as the world’s most expensive chocolate truffle. With the prices of chocolates and roses sky rocketing due to Valentine’s day, this piece of truffle chocolate certainly takes the cake of being the most expensive at $250 per piece.

Fritz immigrated to the US in 1996, produces this lavish chocolate in Norwalk, Connecticut under the brand name Knipschildt Chocolatier. This chocolate is made of 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla as the base for this rich mouthful. A rare French Perigord truffle is then surrounded by this rich ganache, and then rolled in dark chocolate and fine cocoa powder. The result is absolutely divine and sinful.

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Each chocolate truffle is made to order and takes two weeks to deliver. It arrives in style too, lying on a bed of sugar beads in a silver box tied with a ribbon.

So, if you are feeling extravagant and generous this is what you need to gift.

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